Here are a Few of my Favorite… Venues!

I’ve been in this industry for 7 years now, and I don’t know if I’ve shared my favorite venues yet! I love all wedding days and anywhere I get to spend with you getting you dolled up is a good day. There’s just something about these venues that make my heart sing. Here are a few of my favorites and what I love about them!

Venues in Hampton Roads

Historic Post Office

I love the area where this venue is located and the fact that the building IS historic! There’s a bridal and groom suite, which is so convenient and great for all of your getting-ready needs. You can also have your ceremony and reception here, and the indoor area is so spacious! 

Gala 417

This is one of my favorite venues and I cannot tell you how many weddings I have done here. The bridal suite is beautiful, and you can have your ceremony AND reception AND get ready all in one place. How great is that?! The beach isn’t far from here either, so that makes it a great location for friends and family to explore before or after your wedding!

Kellam Estate

One of my favorite things about Kellam Estate is how versatile it is! The bridal suite and indoor space is absolutely stunning, but the outside is just as dreamy! You can have a beautiful outdoor wedding after getting ready in the spacious indoors. Both spaces make for great photos!

Some other 757 venues I’d love to shout out as well are The Venue at Denali Jean Ranch, Lesner Inn, and the Cavalier!

Venues Beyond the 757

Historic Mankin Mansion

This venue is in Richmond, and it is literally a mansion! The outdoor space has a garden, brick and vine walkways, and is perfect for any outdoor party. The inside is just as elegant and perfect for ceremony and reception!

Dover Hall

Similar to Mankin Mansion, Dover Hall is a huge venue with historical, elegant vibes as well. It is located just northwest of Richmond, VA, and it honestly reminds me of Hogwarts! The high ceilings, chandeliers, and elegant hallways and stairwells will have you feeling like ROYALTY on your wedding day!

The Seclusion

Located in Lexington, VA, this venue is kind of secluded, hence the name. And oh my gosh it is breathtaking! The indoor space has royal, majestic vibes, and the outdoors aesthetic is perfect for an outdoor ceremony or photos! The area where you can have your reception is just as stunning as well. You can’t go wrong either way! 

Overall, there are SO MANY gorgeous venues in Hampton Roads and beyond! If you’re struggling to choose one, I hope this list helped you narrow it down a bit! And if you don’t choose one of my favorites, that’s okay too! Maybe you’ll introduce me to a new favorite 😉


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