Wedding Beauty Prep

When you’re a bride, I promise you that planning/scheduling in advance will be your absolute best friend! There are so many beauty appointments that will be done in those weeks leading up to the wedding that it can get a little overwhelming! I’m going to map out exactly when you should have these wedding beauty prep appointments booked so that you don’t have to worry about it!

Hair Color and/or Cut – 2-3 weeks before

Depending on how fresh you want your color to look, I would do this at least 2-3 weeks before your big day. If you’re looking for a more lived-in color, closer to the 3 week mark would be perfect! If your goal is vibrant, fresh color, about 2 weeks will do. Be sure to book in advance though because schedules fill up fast! And just a reminder, do not make any big hair changes right before your wedding! 

Facial – 1-2 weeks before

Facials can bring out some inflammation in our skin (and they’re supposed to!). Sometimes it takes a few days for the slight inflammation to go down. This is NOT something you’ll want to deal with on your wedding day, I promise! I also recommend seeing your esthetician at least once or twice before this appointment (maybe 3 months before), so that you can come up with a plan to have your skin looking perfect and glowy for your special day. I 10000% recommend dermaplaning as well!!! I explain what dermaplaning is here. This will make your skin the perfect canvas for makeup!

Lash Extensions – week of

If lash extensions are your jam, you probably already know this, but I recommend getting them filled within the week of your wedding! If you’ve never had lash extensions before, I would suggest getting them about a month before your wedding, with a fill that same week, so that you have time to make sure they are the right fit for you!

Nails – week of

Definitely schedule this the week of your wedding if you’re planning on gel or acrylic nails. If you’re going the old-fashioned route with normal polish, I would get a mani the day before or paint your own nails the morning of the wedding to avoid any chipping!

Spray Tan – 2 days before

Tanning artists book out like CRAZY, so schedule this one as soon as you possibly can! I recommend 2 days before, that way your tan has time to set and turn to that perfect shade!

Brows and Other Waxing – 3-5 days before 

Trust me on this one. You’ll want to have any waxing done a few days in advance to avoid products or irritation on your hair follicles. Nothing’s worse than feeling uncomfortable on your own wedding day!

Massage – week of

I know this is a lot of information, and you’re going to have… a LOT to do the week of your wedding! If you want some extra pampering, a massage is a great way to try to relax as much as you can so you can enjoy every minute. Try to get a massage scheduled the week of your wedding so that you can take some time to yourself. A massage will help work out all the kinks and stress that last minute tasks bring. I promise, you’ll thank yourself for this one!

And now you’re probably thinking, “Great, now I have to figure out where to get all of this done,” but don’t you worry!!! Here is my list of AMAZING beauty gurus in the 757 area!

Facial – @angelfaceskin & @bravebeautyspa on Instagram

Lashes – @thelashcovevb on Instagram

Nails – @nails_bymaddi on Instagram

Spray tan – @reytanning on Instagram

Waxing – @waxedvb on Instagram

Massage – @namaste.relaxedvb on Instagram


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