How to Choose Extensions That are Right for You

As much as I love hand-tied extensions, they’re certainly not a one size fits all situation. I want everyone to be able to experience how life changing these extensions are, but I TOTALLY understand if they might not be in the cards for you!! There are a few different reasons why you may want to opt for clip-in extensions over hand-tied extensions, so let’s talk about it, that way you can choose what will work best FOR YOU!


Hand-tied extensions are a luxury service, so they are an investment! I try to make these as affordable as possible for you by offering multiple different payment plans, but sometimes the finances just aren’t there, and I GET IT! That shouldn’t stop you from being able to live out your mermaid hair dreams! If budget is something that you simply cannot work around, I definitely recommend clip-in extensions. They are less expensive than hand-tieds and you won’t have to deal with any maintenance appointments! When getting clip-in extensions, you should expect to spend the initial amount on the hair, as well as an appointment with me to get those bad boys blended seamlessly to your natural hair. If you take AMAZING care of your clip-in extensions, they can last you up to a couple years!


There are a few things about your lifestyle that might affect whether or not you’re a good candidate for hand-tied extensions! 

First thing might be your job — do you travel a ton for work and never really find yourself in one place for very long? It might be difficult for you to keep up with maintenance every 6-10 weeks unless you’re able to schedule your appointments in advance and commit to them! 

Next thing might be how much time you spend in water. are you a beach girl who spends all day at the beach, makes a quick change and then jets off to hang out with friends? You MUST wash and blowdry hand-tied extensions every. single. time. to avoid matting and keep the integrity of your hair at 100%! If you are unable to commit to blow drying your roots every time your hair is wet, clip-ins would be a great alternative for you!

Hair color

Are you one of those spunky, spontaneous gals who goes pink one month and blue the next? If vivids are your thing or if you find you constantly change your mind about your hair color, I recommend a less permanent form of extensions! 

Overall, hand-tied extensions can be truly life changing, but sometimes they’re just not feasible for everyone and every lifestyle and that’s OKAY! I absolutely love that we have so many options for extensions, that way no matter your circumstances, you can absolutely find something that works for you!

I offer services for hand-tied extensions and can provide recommendations for clip-in extensions! If you’d like to book a free consult with me, click here!

If you have more questions, check out my hand-tied extension guide here!


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