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How I’m Transitioning to Cruelty Free

This is such a touchy subject and I think more people should be aware that not all hair and makeup brands are cruelty free. I am consciously making the decision to slowly transition into only using cruelty free brands. By slowly, I mean I’m not going to throw out perfectly good makeup; I’m going to […]

Let the Pros Do It

Planning out your big day look? With the dress and everything else commanding so much attention, my guess is makeup is low on your list. You might even be thinking of doing it yourself, to save yourself the time and money it takes for a pro. After all, you slap that stuff on every day […]

Should I Bring My Own Makeup?

This is one of my most asked questions as a makeup artist. “Why can’t I bring my own makeup?” or something along those lines. There are many reasons both personal and professional I wanted to go over so I can be fully transparent on why I say “I use only makeup from my professional makeup […]

Smokey vs Light to Dark

Let’s talk about eyeshadow techniques. But more specifically, let’s talk about two common techniques that get mixed up more often than you think. When you think of a smokey eye, what do you think of?? To one person it is one thing but to another, it means the complete opposite. Well I am here to […]

3 Things I Wish My Makeup Artist Told Me

Are you getting your face made up for a fancy event? Did your makeup artist give you any tips on how to prepare for your event or wedding? I am going to talk about what to expect and things you can do in preparation for your next makeup appointment! Dermaplaning I have mentioned this technique […]

Why I Stopped Using Lush Skincare

Oh to be in high school again where my skin was pretty decent and I could do whatever I wanted and I would rarely get a breakout. Long gone are those days. I feel like if I eat a chocolate bar I’ll wake up with 5 pimples in the morning. It’s just how skin is. […]

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Cleaning your makeup brushes is one of the most important things in doing your makeup. You must work with clean brushes not only for sanitary reasons but to make sure you’re not mixing colors so you use the true color of your makeup products. If you take care of your brushes they will take care […]

How to Pick the Perfect Hair & Makeup Artist for YOU

Are you recently engaged and searching for a hair and makeup artist for your wedding? Or are you looking for a stylist to help you glam up for your holiday party? Whatever the occasion, if you’re looking for a hair and makeup artist, it can be tricky to decide who is a good fit for […]

Finishing Sprays & Setting Sprays.. What’s the Difference?

Finishing Sprays and Setting Sprays.. You have probably heard those words tossed around before, but did you know that those are two completely different sprays? I will tell you about the difference and why I use BOTH on my beloved clients and why you should start using them too! Setting sprays and finishing sprays may […]

Secret Sauce to the Perfect Makeup Application

Have you ever applied foundation but felt like your skin wasn’t cooperating? Do you blame the makeup product and rush to the store to buy another one? I’ve done that too! I want to talk about the secret behind the perfect makeup application.  Skin Yes!! YOUR SKIN should be your number one priority. The key […]

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