Should I Bring My Own Makeup?

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This is one of my most asked questions as a makeup artist. “Why can’t I bring my own makeup?” or something along those lines. There are many reasons both personal and professional I wanted to go over so I can be fully transparent on why I say “I use only makeup from my professional makeup kit when I’m doing clients.”

Now I understand that you love your mascara and the foundation that you use. It probably is really great! But just to be on the safe side, I make it a point to only use my makeup products. I even put it in my contract. I’m going to go over the 2 main reasons why I am so particular and why it is a red flag if a makeup artist lets you use your own makeup.

1. Sanitation and health restrictions

Everything in my kit is sanitized before and after every use. I use multiple products that have to be cleaned and disinfected before I use them on anyone. Mascara is a huge sanitation health risk. When applying mascara on someone else you must MUST never use the wand. You have to use a disposable one to make sure that you are not double dipping. With pencils, you have to sharpen them at least one turn and wipe down with alcohol before and after every use to ensure that you are not spreading something. When you bring your own makeup I do not know if it has been disinfected or up to my cleaning standards. So to save time and to make sure that everyone is safe from infection, I just make it fair across the board and only use my own makeup.

2. Might not be the right product for the job

I use almost everything waterproof on my clients. What if your eyeliner that you love isn’t? Or your mascara? Chances are you might cry during your wedding. I mean hey it’s normal. I’m probably going to be balling my eyes out reading my vows! But my job is to make sure that your makeup doesn’t move no matter what happens. Ensuring that your eyeliner and mascara doesn’t smear or come down your face is a big part of my job. Also, I only use long wearing foundations and the right setting sprays to make sure that your foundation doesn’t move or come off throughout the whole day and into the night. I cannot guarantee that your foundation will do that if I use your products. 

I know that this can be a touchy subject to some, but I feel so passionate about keeping things professional. I mean that’s why my clients hire me to do their makeup, and I cannot do that if I use your own personal products. I love makeup, but more importantly, this is my business and my name on the line, and I have to be careful with being clean and making sure my kit is disinfected and sanitized for every client that sits in my chair. So in my contract I have my clients sign agreeing that I can only use my makeup from my professional makeup kit, and thankfully everyone has been understanding and supportive when I explain it to them. 


To learn about a few makeup products that I love and use on my clients, read about them here!

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