7 Ways to Cut Costs on Your Wedding

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Weddings are expensive, and sometimes it feels like there are no ways of getting around the costs without sacrificing on something you love. I’m here to tell you that you can still have the wedding of your dreams and save some money too! Here are some tips on how to cut costs on your wedding. Your bank account will thank you!

Skip the Cake

Cakes can be surprisingly expensive on top of feeding everyone, and honestly not everyone loves cake *cough cough MEEE*. So a cute little idea is to find someone who loves making desserts (maybe someone in your family!) to make a bunch of cookies and cupcakes and have that as your dessert table. You could save hundreds!!

Renting the Grooms Tux

Did you know that you could rent a bomb tux for only $150??? That’s AMAZING and it is perfectly tailored to the exact measurements and it’s fast shipping. You get to pick and choose every part of the tux and it fits like a dream. So your groomsmen and groom are going to be looking fine af!!

Here’s a site that I recommend:

Have a Loved One be Your Officiant

Officiants are expensive!! They can be upwards of $350 OMG?!?!?! Why not make it even more special and have a loved one marry you!! It will make a beautiful memory along with saving you that hefty price of hiring a stranger. There is a quick online certification that your loved one can do. It varies from state to state so just do a little research! I think this will be a beautiful touch and just make your day that much more special.

DIY Your Invites

You can get so much inspo on Pinterest on how you want to do your invites! Just take some of that inspiration and make your own invites. is an amazing tool that can help you! I would also try to skip the save the dates and instead just send out your invites a little sooner! (I mean c’mon they are basically the same thing) 

Skip the Wedding Favors and Timeline Pamphlets 

People aren’t really going to keep the wedding timeline papers; those are meant to be thrown away. Maybe instead have a handmade sign that explains the timeline for everyone to see and leave it at that. I would say only a few people are going to want to keep your timeline pamphlets and it’s just not worth it to put in that extra money.

Have a Cash Bar

I know I know that you want your guests to have fun and all that, but having an open bar is really expensive and most of the time guests waste their drinks if they are not responsible for their own tab. I recommend having a cash bar with 2 beers, 2 wines, and 2 mixed drinks of choice. It would be a cool idea if the bride and the groom had their favorite mixed drinks as a choice! 

Get a Consignment Dress

There are so many warehouses out there that have amazing dresses for half the price. You can still have your dream dress, just don’t go to the ‘normal’ places people go to find a dress. Go to smaller businesses and look for sample sales! 


Incorporating some DIY into your wedding will help you save hundreds of dollars. Looking for lesser known brands for your wedding dress and having someone you know help out with desserts and officiating will not lower the quality of your wedding. It may be a little extra work, but it will be worth it!


Looking for a hair and makeup artist for your wedding? Here are some tips on how to find the perfect fit for you!

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