How to Properly Book a Hair Appointment

Katlyn at a hair appointment, fixing a bride's hair.

Do you call the hair salon you want to go to the week of and hope they’re free? Do you email your dream wedding hair stylist the month before your wedding begging them to fit you in? Odds are, they won’t be available. And that suuuucccckkkksss. I’m here to help you avoid that. Booking a hair appointment for coloring or style takes time and consideration. It’s not as complicated as you think girl, don’t worry, but a little bit of planning is involved! I’m here to help you know what to expect and what to prepare for when you book a hair appointment!


Just a rule of thumb, salons usually book out 3-4 weeks ahead. So think about a month ahead of when you want to book an appointment. If you think you need your highlights touched up in a month, I would call and try to estimate when you think you would need a touch up. 8/10 times you won’t get an appt in the same week you call. The best and easiest way is to pre-book when your appointment is done to save time and stress on getting you in and having to wait even longer when you desperately need your roots done.

When you call the salon to make a hair appointment, make sure that you know exactly what you want. This means, do you want highlights, all over color, vivid color, balayage, all over lightener. All of those appointments are not the same and take a different amount of time. It is important to know exactly what you want so the stylist will have enough time to make your hair dreams come true while also not rushing or have too much time and miss out on another appointment. Just a little tip.. I would recommend not saying you just want a color appointment because that is way too broad and each of them takes a different amount of time. Also please do not say that you don’t know what you want. No appointment time is the same and it is extremely important when booking to make sure that you are as specific as possible to the receptionist. It really helps to know either what you did in your last appointment or what you think you need!

Once you know what you want, you have to call/text/email to set up the appointment. Make sure you tell them your name and your phone number so they can call you later to confirm. You also might have to put a card on file due to some of their cancellation policies so have that out and handy just in case. I would also have your calendar with you, because more than likely the time and date that you want doesn’t add up to what is available, so there might be a little back and forth to see when the schedule lines up. But I promise you you will get in and you will leave happy and a whole new woman boo!!

Also mention which stylist you want. Do your research for the stylist you want. Usually salons have their stylists on their website or their Instagram. Find the stylist that best fits your vibe and what you’re looking for so you can be happy when you leave. Look at their work! See if they did some hair that fits your hair goals. It really helps!! Nothing is more stressful than just playing a guessing game when you say, “oh I don’t care who I see” and you end up not liking your color because they didn’t fit your vibe or they couldn’t do what you asked.

Booking a hair appointment at the salon gets easier as you go more often because you know what you want and you have an idea of when you need to come back! Your stylist can also help with your booking so just shoot them a message and they would be happy to help you! 

Special Event/Wedding

I make it soooo easy and quick to book with me. I provide you with EVERYTHING literally everything you need to know IN MY VERY FIRST EMAIL. Yes I give you a very detailed email along with a customized PDF that is over 10 pages long that tells you everything you need to know in order to book with me. All you need to tell me is where and when and I’m there! Of course we can email back and forth answering ALL your questions and concerns. I am here to ease any hesitation and concerns, but it’s as simple as 3-4 emails between us and you are able to book with me if you don’t have a ton of questions. Yes it’s seriously that easy. 

But unfortunately, other hair and makeup artists aren’t like me so you might have to do a little more digging. Or it might take upwards of 30 emails to get all the information you need. But no worries, here is a general list of what you need to know in order to book your next special event.

You need to know:

  • Pricing
  • Contracts and policies
  • How to pay and when to pay
  • Look at their work and make sure they can do what you want. If you’re unsure.. ask!
  • Do they require a trial?
  • Do you need extensions? 
  • Airbrush vs traditional makeup. Which one will best fit you?
  • Making sure you have the timeline under lock and key
  • Do they need to bring assistants or another artist? 

Knowing all of these can be really daunting and confusing, but this list is key when you are booking your hair and makeup artist. Knowing these will keep you in the loop so there aren’t any surprises on your big day. Once you have done a little digging you can make the decision to book with that person or not. Use this list to ask your questions so you can be carefree and not have a single worry!!


Booking a hair appointment isn’t always as simple as one phone call and BAM you’re scheduled, but it can be easy and breezy with a little bit of preparation! For cut and color appointments, you need to have some sort of idea on what you want. A stylist can help give you a mini consult, but they typically can’t give you exactly what you’re looking for unless you know for yourself! Booking a stylist for your special event/wedding is a more customized emailing experience. You will get all of your questions answered and given information that is tailored to you and YOUR special day, whatever event that day may be. In general, the more details you know about what you want for your hair, the quicker you’re booked!


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