3 Vital Makeup Shopping Tips

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We all shop. I love shopping, you love shopping, we all love shopping. Going to a makeup store can be super overwhelming. I just think about stepping into a Sephora and I’m surrounded by all this makeup and I have no idea where to start. Then I feel like once I left, I didn’t try anything new; I mean yeah a few eyeshadows and maybe a few lipsticks but not a lot of other things. Once I started being more conscious when I went to the makeup store, everything changed. I wanted to give you a few tips for when you go makeup shopping so you don’t miss anything.

Make a list of what you really need

Go through all your makeup at home and make a list of what you need. Once you get to the store, pick up those things first so you can budget accordingly and know what other spending money you have left for new makeup to try out.

Read reviews

Yes, while you are still in the store and you see something you like, go look up the review for that product. This will save you time and money on seeing if something is worth trying out for yourself or not. Now I wouldn’t use this as the end all be all, but this will help on seeing if a new product is worth you taking home.

Take home quite a few samples

In Sephora, you can take home as many samples of makeup or skincare that you want to try. This will save you soooo much time and money so you can see what works for your skin and what doesn’t. I suggest taking the time and finding 5 new products to try out!! I do this all the time so I can be exposed to new things constantly so I’m not using the same stuff over and over again and I get bored.


Going into a makeup store can leave you feeling confused if you don’t know where to start and what products to look for. Preparing beforehand can help make this an easy breezy shopping trip! Knowing what you need before you go into the store can save you money and time. If you find a product you’re interested in at the store, look up some reviews to see if it meets your needs! Makeup stores also have plenty of free samples you can take home to try and see what you like best. So, the next time you go to a makeup store, you won’t have to feel stressed out and can enjoy the experience!


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