Makeup Myths Debunked

Makeup artist does a bride's makeup before her wedding.

In this two part blog series, read the first part about hair myths here, I’m going over a few common hair and makeup myths. I wanted to touch on a few makeup myths that you still might believe today, and I wanted to shed some light on these to let you know what is fact and how these are soooo not true.

1. Makeup makes you break out

I think this is one of the most common accusations. I even believed it at one time when I was in high school. This is actually false. Makeup doesn’t cause you to break out. Poor sanitation does. So your brushes could be dirty, your makeup could be expired, your face was not thoroughly washed, and so much more. But blaming the makeup is not the issue. 

2. Natural = better

Okay so we are in this all natural craze and it might not be all that if i’m being honest. Just because the products you read are ‘natural’ doesn’t mean they are better for you. Many skincare lines carry walnuts and that is a natural ingredient yet it can be very damaging to your skin in a few makeup products they carry. Yes they do not carry synthetic ingredients, but a few ingredients are necessary for a type of product you are using.

3. Your concealer should be lighter than your skin tone

This is very false. Ideally your concealer should be the same color as your skin tone or even a SLIGHT shade darker, or just change the undertone of your concealer to help conceal better. This is because you do not want to highlight your pimples, you want to conceal them.. Need I say more?

4. Concealer before foundation always

I feel like when you do this you use way more concealer than you really need to. To save on product AND MONEY, put on your foundation and if you cover up your imperfections pretty well, then just use a tiny bit of concealer. If you overuse the concealer, it will become cakey and crack. Especially under your foundation.


Believing these myths may change how you do your skincare or makeup application routine. Makeup itself won’t make your skin break out, but unsanitary products and tools might. Products that are “all natural” may not necessarily be healthy for your skin, so researching ingredients is key! Your concealer doesn’t need to be lighter than your skin tone and it doesn’t have to go on before applying foundation. Concealer is meant to conceal, not highlight or get caked up. I hope this helps your makeup routine become that much more flawless!


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